Dec 21, 2010

Britain Lunday

Growing up, I was surrounded by art supplies!! Paint, crayons, glitter, glue; you name it, I had access to it. My mother made sure that our home was filled with creativity and almost nothing was off limits. Beacuse of this, "anything goes" child hood, I grew up to be an artist!
I graduated from UGA in '98 with a degree in psychology and immediately began to follow my other passion - design. Following in my mother's footsteps, I have been decorating homes, in one way or another, all my life. Fortunately, I am able to use my knowledge and understanding of people to help fulfill their needs for a more beautiful living space. In 2007 I expanded my repoitoire when I realized I missed painting. I picked up my paint brush and, overnight, it became the answer to what I had been looking for! I wake every morning with new inspiration and I am so fortunate to be able to share this love of color and texture with my mother and business partner.
"Thank you" to my wonderfully supportive husband - it is because of him, I am able to surround myself with color and follow my dreams!!!
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